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The Flipside

The Flipside

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When there’s no surf in our neck of the woods, but plenty of sun, we can keep
ourselves busy pretending tiny waves are surfable.

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But when the fog rolls in over the flatness, and blocks out the sun,
we still have an alternative, a flipside….
Head for the hills.

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Usually, this time of year, things are dry as a bone in the back country.
But this year, we still got water. Enough to cool off in, at least.

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It wasn’t as hot back there as we thought it would be.
But it was clear and warm, and the stickers were sharp.

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These bad boys ripped our legs up real good.

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Found this nice crop of century plants.

m29 675x416 1

Nice healthy Manzanita.

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This debris dam is full…..of debris and silt and trees.
This spot has seen some wild parties over the years, we reckon.,,,

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Just a hunch…

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This dude looked healthy.
And wasn’t scared of us at all.

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OK, we know, this is a surfing website. So here’s a photo from a different October.
Click here to check out Octoberfest 2009 .
We had waves that year…

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Here’s where we ate our lunch. Squawbush Falls.
Google away, we made the name up that day.

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Not sure why we chose that name….

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I think this guy was a local. And he didn’t look too thrilled to see us.
His call sounded something like, “Split!”.

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Can’t say as I blame him.

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As we came back over the mountain, we watched the sun set on Campus Point.

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It’s nice to have options.

The music on this page is by local boy and fellow surfer Nate Latta.
Hear more and buy his CD at Nate