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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

The Good, The Bad and
the Ugly

Sunday, February 14th, 2010. Valentines Day.
A simple lover’s walk on the beach.

878 600x401 1

The Good

The good thing was it was a beautiful afternoon. The hills were green, the
sun was warm and the beach was the perfect place to be.

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895 500x330 1

The Bad

The bad thing was the 4 day weekend brought out the masses, and the surf
was less than ample for a crowd this size.
End result; a bunch of surfers of all levels, packed into a very small line up.

10510 406x340 1
1062 340x410 1

There were some hot surfers out.
This guy was getting some great rides on this trippy little board. Is that a biscuit?

10411 600x363 1
10311 600x444 1

Whatever it’s called, it looks really fun.

101 465x282 1
10210 600x443 1
1073 544x342 1

Brandon Arroyan was keeping it local with a Stoker V-Machine.

1093 600x526 1

And this dude was putting on a longboard clinic with some excellent nose riding.

11011 600x542 1

The Ugly

This is where the story takes a turn for the worse.
Due to the close proximity of all these good and bad surfers, certain technical maneuvers that
require a little elbow room can cause some problems.
Such as the world famous Helicopter Takeoff.

904 600x419 1

A bumping of boards.
Which led to a retaliation of a big face spray and a pointed board launch.

9111 600x401 1

Which all led to tempers flaring in the break zone.

9213 600x370 1

All this ugliness on Valentines Day boys?

9311 600x407 1

Can’t we all just get along?

9512 486x356 1
985 600x391 1

They eventually hashed things out without any injuries.
Good job guys.

998 600x312 1
1004 575x600 1