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Tropical Goleta

Tropical Goleta

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Tuesday, September 28th, 2010.
After a long, hot and nearly sleepless night, we got up early and headed for the beach.

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Before the sun even showed itself, you could tell this day was going to be special.
The clouds were surreal. The air was thick with humidity.
And a soft, warm breeze blew in from the East.

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It felt like vacation, somewhere in the tropics.

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But it was good old Campus Point.
And the swell that had come in the day before looked to be relaxing a bit as well.

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Rewind to the day before. Monday, September 27th, 2010.
A heat wave was in full force. Downtown SB hit 107 and the airport reported 100.
So after a sticky day at work, we bee lined it straight to the ocean.
And there were waves.

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The rumoured North swell had arrived, and just a few of Goleta’s finest
surfers were on it.
And they were squeezing every last drop of stoke out of it.

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These guys had been on it all day long, but they were still going strong.
Bobby Morris, Adam Rondepierre and Vinny Leonelli;
they always seem to be at the right place at the right time..

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We didn’t get too many photos cuz we had to get in the water as well.
Even at the beach, it was HOT.

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Hot, humid and glassy.
It doesn’t get much better.

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Now back to Tuesday:
The heatwave continued, as did the swell.

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The wind continued to come from an Easterly direction, so if you
found  the right beach, it was blowing  straight offshore.

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Evidently, we weren’t the first guys to figure that out….

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Along with the unusually high humidity came these cool clouds, which made for some
weird lighting, that made shooting the surf a little difficult.

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While most guys were still wearing their full suits, the water has
warmed up quite a bit, finally.

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You can never look back.

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Around this time, we’re sitting on the sand, shooting away, when the omnipresent
Plover Nazi approaches. He says we can’t sit between the ropes and the ocean.
Can we stand? No.
But we can walk through? Yes.
So…….. can we just keep walking back and forth?

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He obviously felt lame, and said he didn’t make the rules.
Yet, he enforces them.
Oh well, at least he gets to wear the cool vest…

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So we resumed shooting. While walking back and forth.

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Clean green lines and warm offshores.

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We had to wonder,
how many of these new students were thinking this is a normal day in Goleta.

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This was truly an unusual day.

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As we were walking out, we saw this unusual sight.

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And we were hoping for a great photo op…..
but they didn’t wipe out.

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The next day, September 29th, and the warm days continued.
And the waves got a little fewer and further in between.

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Which left a lot of time between sets to take random pictures.

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We had a fun session with just two other guy this day.
Suri Sherman and Travis Brooks.

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It was a week of incredible weather, and pretty fun surf. A perfect combination.
A little taste of what we hope will be a long Indian Summer.

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