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This year is kicking off with a bang.
Plenty of waves and just enough rain. So far, so good.

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Every beach in town has had lots of waves for weeks on end.

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Some days were clean, some choppy and some clean with a wobble.
Lots of storms and swells moving around.

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One fine morning we ran into Guner Tautrim and his boys heading out for a surf.

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It was a beautiful morning, little or no wind and minimal crowd.
Guner went right to work .

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Dropping deep into a wave he knows well.

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Meanwhile, his son Sequoia was working the inside section.

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A couple other locals were on it this morning, like Paul Franzen.

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And Sam Harden was just finishing his early session when we showed up.

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Every once in a while, some big, green monsters would roll through….

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And then, some serenity.

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Before the next set.

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A brisk beautiful morning in Goleta with surf, and it looks like more is coming…..