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Central Cal Contest

The Finals

814 600x339 1

While the final heat had six guys in it, it was pretty much down to two guys;
Dustin Ray and Bobby Morris.
The swell had begun to loosen up a little and the lulls were growing longer,
making a twenty minute heat kind of tough to score good waves.

732 600x376 1

One of the highlights of the day was when Dustin Ray pulled in to this barrel, assumed
the position and bee lined straight for the pier.
He managed to kick out just in time to hear the cheers of the crowd assembled above.
Good stuff!

742 600x367 1
772 600x367 1
762 600x366 1
782 600x369 1
752 600x371 1

Bobby struggled to connect with a decent wave, but eventually managed to
get in the right place at the right time. He found a long right that doubled up
and he managed to connect it back into a long left.

792 600x429 1
79a 600x425 1
79b 600x412 1
79c 600x385 1
79d 600x436 1

All the surfers put on a great show. I don’t know how they judge these things,
but it can’t be easy.

81 600x400 1
852 600x425 1
872 600x394 1
892 600x286 2
882 600x303 2
862 600x395 1
90 600x407 1

In the end, it came out like this;
1; Bobby Morris
2; Dustin Ray
3; Blake Howard
4; Nate Tyler
5; Walt Cerney
6; Rick Gannon

91 600x448 1
922 600x399 1

Viva Goleta