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Waves for Days

Waves For Days

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There seem to be more waves hitting our coast than usual.
How’s that for an unassuming comment..

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Goleta Surfing doesn’t  want to be another one of those hype crazed surf websites
that stoke the masses into a frenzy.

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So we’ll just say there’s been a steady flow of juice blowing through our neck of the woods.

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And most every other neck of California, for that matter.

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It makes it difficult for those folks that have day jobs to focus.

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Consistent surf + steady job + short days  = a lot of “you shoulda been there”.

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But invariably, plenty of folks “were there”.

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But crowds can’t keep the special moments from happening.

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Because while surfing can be a very social event for some people, at the end of the day,
it’s all down to you;  your body, your board, and your mind.

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Whether it’s overhead with a million guys out, or knee high by yourself,
the ultimate decision of “was it fun” is made by you.

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Fun is where you make it.

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Here’s a classic example.
Small day, marginal conditions, more crowded than it should have been.

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Young Mason Reichard shows up with his dad to catch some waves at dad’s favorite spot.

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Out of nowhere a nice wave pops up and Mason is on it.

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Dad’s on the beach howling and Mason is locked in…

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His first real wave at his dad’s spot and he owned it. Now that’s fun.

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And a session he and his dad will never forget.

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It can’t be denied that outside forces can have an impact on your mind set…..

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That’s where karma comes in. What comes around, goes around.
If we all think about how we impact other’s sessions, ours will get better too.
It works, try it once.

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Hoot for another guys ride, smile and say “nice ride” once in a while.
It can change the mood in the whole line up from a competition to a soul session.

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It makes a strong impression when you let someone else have your wave.
And guess what, more waves keep coming….

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Start the new year with a smile and see how long you can keep it going.
Most of all, enjoy the ride.

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