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A celebration of the life of
Wesley James Hiatt

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January 31st, 2015 was a celebration of the wonderful life of one of the most lovable characters
to ever grace this planet. A gathering was held at his neighbor and friend’s home in Ellwood,
then we honored Wes with a Paddle Out at R Beach, a place he loved.

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Wes was Mr. December in the 2014 Goleta Surfing calendar with this shot of him in a beautiful Goleta wave.
He was so stoked to be in the calendar, he was overly grateful, thanking me way too many times….
It really meant a lot to him.

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I told him we wanted a photo of him holding the calendar, and this is what he sent!
Wes was a punk rocker back in the day, in a band called the Perverts.
In some ways he still carried that attitude with him, and we loved it.

wes1 600x434 1

His loyal companion, Mija, was not to be messed with, and she made sure you
didn’t mess with his stuff while he was in the water…..

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Wes loved surfing the remote spots on our coast,
and his respect and gratitude made him welcome there.

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Wes left us way too soon, and he will not be forgotten.
Following are some photos of the memorial.

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You will not be forgotten. We’ll see you in the water Wes.

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