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Year’s End

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The end of 2019 brought us some decent rain, turning our world from brown to green.
Following is a variety of images from the last 2 months of the year.

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Most of the autumn months, hiking was the activity of choice,
since the surf was mostly a No Show.

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And the hills were a golden brown, waiting for rain.

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Patiently, we waited for the swells to begin to trickle down from the north.

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The end of November, and the seasons were beginning to change.

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Things were cooling down, and the moisture in the air was making for some remarkable
sunrise and sunsets.

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And some waves started to arrive!

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Sloppy, windblown waves…..but still surfable.

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Change was on the horizon.

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The last days of November brought us substantial rain.

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The hard Goleta clay got soft and moist, and the creeks got their first rinse.

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And with the rain came some clean little waves.

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A small handful of surfers were waiting to greet the first waves of the season.

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Among them was our old friend Bobby Morris.

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Doing what Bobby has been doing most of his life, shredding little Goleta waves.

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And the local crowd approved.

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These clean, glassy conditions were fleeting, as the afternoon would bring wind most days.

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Early December brought a lot of beautiful, but brisk days, and a series of decent swells.

d33 679x504 1

And out came the soft top army.

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December also brought more rain. The two months combined brought us over 7 inches of rain!
A good start.

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Between rain storms, the wind was a factor.

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But sometimes, the wind can be your friend……

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And so ends another year.
Here’s to more surf and rain in 2020!