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Be patient. They may require a moment to get rolling.
This is Goleta Surfing, remember, not Hurley or Quiksilver
or whatever....
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February 19th, 2015

A quick little slideshow we threw together with some photos of yet another day
of fun surf last winter.
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Hurricane Odile

Sunset session during another one of the Hurricane swells that snuck up
from the south to bring us waves.
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2012 Review

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Borracho Boyz

Classic video with the original soundtrack and not a whole lot of certain information attached.
Loaned to us by Doug Yartz at Surf Country. it's thought to he shot by Joe Dominguez. around
1998 at Campus Point in Goleta. California. We found that out after we made the title page!
The Borracho Bogy were a tight group of surfing amigos that held weekly meetings at the
Hamburger Habit in Old Town. or at Spikes.
One thing is for sure. there is some excellent surfing in this clip!
See more cool stuff at
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Haskulls Surfers 1975

So you got the boys Bar-B-Cueing it up on a rusty chain link fence. then they
paddle out for a few hollow close outs in front of the massive oil pier.
It just doesn't get much better than this in good old Goleta. back in the day.
Revel in the low resolution beauty of Super B by Bill Arellanes.
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Remembering Naples

Just a couple of years ago. if you said you surfed at Naples. people thought you went to
Europe. Today. the secret is out thanks to one Matt Osgood. a developer from Orange
County who thinks he can improve on what Mother Nature has done out there. With all due
respect to Mr. Osgood. we kind of like it as is. But he just won't give up. Soon the
bulldozers may start rolling. Here's our tribute to the natural beauty of Naples.
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Goleta Skaters 1975

Back in the seventies, Goleta was an uncrowded playground for surfers and skaters. Lucky for us,
Bill Arellanes liked to film his buddies surfing and skating with his 8mm camera. Today, over 30
years later, Bill is nice enough to let us see what he and his buds were up to, back in the day. This
first installment is a skate session on what we think is Camino Del Rio. Three friends, bombing the
hill on their fresh urethane wheels, their only safety equipment being knit caps and youth.
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Winter 2007

A winter to remember.
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A brief history of the destruction of a special place and the construction of an
eyesore. And how the locals will not be locked out of their backyard.

Classic Surf Video

From the collection of Santa Ynez resident, William Etling.

Farewell 2010

Reflecting on a great year.