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Wind Fall

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Early June in Goleta brought lots of sunshine and plenty of powerful wind.
White caps were a common sight and for a few dedicated surfers, that meant there were waves
if you knew when and where to find them.

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While there were plenty of days like this to be had, there were also several days that held
some pleasant surprises.

bm 600x480 1

Some guys surf everyday.
And on days that most of us look at it and head home with our surf tail between our legs,
guys like Bobby Morris and Vinny Leonelli will paddle out and not only surf it, but shred it.

theboys 600x355 1

No wonder they’re so happy.

1383 600x404 1

On an afternoon that we thought this might be the best surf shot we would get,
Morris and Leonelli showed us otherwise.

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1764 545x476 1
1384 544x424 1
2256 600x409 1
bm7 568x600 1
1964 600x349 1
4524 600x569 1
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Look at the wave. What would most surfers be doing on a wave like that?
Not this.

3738 600x430 1
4175 600x477 1
2851 600x354 1

The speed these guys manage to generate on such a quick little wave boggles the mind.

bm6 600x360 1
bm2 600x417 1

And it almost always ends with something like this.

3438 526x431 1
7135 600x395 1

Or this, in true beach break fashion, consumed by the close out.

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2650 484x497 1
5028 600x288 1
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This was the mountain view on lots of days. A sure sign of wind on the way.
And it didn’t always produce the desired wind swell effect.

sup6 600x374 1

Some days this was the only type of surf shot we came home with…
but we didn’t think a whole page of this would be too popular.

cove2 600x415 1
21108 600x435 1

Another Goleta local that always finds a wave to ride is Trevor Scoggins.

1668 600x333 1

He doesn’t mind breaking out the longboard if that what it takes to get some.

1867 600x374 1

And some days it does, especially in June.

trev 600x465 1
1584 600x395 1
4177 600x340 1
5171 493x317 1
1477 646x316 1

One good thing about real small days, the crowd doesn’t bother with it.

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So on to summer we go.
Let’s hope gas prices stay down, because a lot of road trips are in our immediate future.

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