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A group of photos appeared on my phone recently,
and the classic style and feel of them jumped out at me.

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They were of our good friend and Goleta legend, Turtle, (Jeremy Castillo),
shredding some fun waves this summer.

IMG 27461 672x505 1

This is what surfing is all about.
Skill, finesse, freedom, style.

IMG 25841 704x530 1

It just made me realize, the more things change, the more they stay the same..
These photos could have been taken at this same place, 50 years ago.

IMG 25831 679x511 1

In these days of Costco boards and wave machines, there ain’t nothin’ like the real thing
baby.Turtle, on a real board, made by a real human at a real beach, with waves made by God,
this summer, 2018.

IMG 25881 690x519 1

Turtle learned to surf on the shores of Goleta and he swears by his Wayne Rich boards.

IMG 25821 684x515 1

Just shows to go ya,
Style never goes out of Style.

Thanks for the sharing the photos taken by-
John Roskoski, Jack Meyer