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April Lines

April Lines

April Lines

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Mother nature must be feeling sorry for us Goleta Surfers. After what some are calling the most dismal winter ever,she keeps sending us waves. Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s a wind swell or a ground swell or what, but who cares, if it swells ride it.

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This April day only one guy saw fit to surf the meager lines rolling in. He seemed to have fun though. He always has fun surfing though, cuz he’s Bobby Morris.

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A few days later, things picked up. Lots of familiar faces showed up to enjoy vintage Haskells.

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Sheppie dropped in for a visit.

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Yeah, he landed it.

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Yet another day in April, the wind never calms down, but a little chop won’t keep these boys from having some fun.

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Micaiah Furukawa making the most of it.

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Viva Goleta

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