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Black Friday

19106 702x471 1

Black Friday. November 24th, 2017.
Beautiful warm day with some swell in the water.

For some, Black Friday meant long lines.

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For some, Black Friday meant waves of shoppers, fighting for deals….

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For us, Black Friday meant waves. No fighting. No deals.

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Just a peaceful end to a busy holiday week.

3960 680x455 1

Not too many folks were out, maybe they were all shopping.
There were some decent waves occasionally and we knew the sunset was gonna be good,
so we stuck around to watch.

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4280 678x454 1

For a while, it was just guys on soft tops dropping in and wiping out….
But then some locals showed up that would give us something to shoot.

15126 690x462 1

Travis Bower, with a nice Progressive longboard under his arm, showed up.

2879 652x412 1

Travis has been surfing this spot since he was a grom, so he knows the best thing to do
on a day like this….is to have fun.

2780 600x456 1

And that’s what he did. Found a peak to himself and worked the little insiders on that
Dave Johnson longboard.

2483 676x596 1

Spinning and sliding all the way to the beach.

2973 668x327 1

Blissfully ignorant of all the money he could have been saving at Walmart…..

18106 691x463 1

Although the tide drowned out much of the swell, there was still some power in the waves.

6a5 686x565 1

Enough to get this guys attention…

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3383 687x421 1

Another local that knows this spot well, Sam Harden was making the most of the sluggish set waves.

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41116 677x436 1

This is the only line we wanna stand in on Black Friday…..

10163 696x530 1

Joseph Yee showed up and tempted the waves to knock him in.

8203 474x490 1

And they tried….

4836 686x381 1

But he got in on his own terms and got some fun little rides.

5043 600x431 1
3760 693x466 1
1a8 680x455 1
4281 700x395 1

Sam welcomed Joseph into the lineup with a little friendly backwash….

2677 689x462 1

By this time, the light was getting scarce.

3461 687x441 1

But it’s fun to see what the camera can pick up in near darkness.
Sometimes it works out pretty well.

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3565 680x431 1

But all things must come to an end, so we packed it up and headed out…

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Maybe next year we’ll head to the mall and get those bargains….