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Bump and Grind

Bump and Grind

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Early spring, late winter. 2011.

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The creeks of Goleta are brimming and the wildflowers are popping.

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And the waves are rolling…
But you got to get it early, because afternoon can get sloppy.

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If you’re up early and you see this, you know this usually means wind is coming.

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So if it’s at all possible, get your session in early.

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This winter has brought us a lot of crazy rain storms and some heavy winds.
This old regular at Sands gave up in early march.

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But with storms come waves.
And we reckon that’s what this website is about.

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“He who hesitates is lost.”

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Ian Jenkins never hesitates to drop into anything.
While the conditions this afternoon were funky at best, that didn’t keep him from ripping into
anything resembling a line.

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Elsewhere in the lineup, danger lurked….

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Not exactly how Laird does it….

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Yes, the spring has surf. But spring is when the back country is firing as well.
If you really want to appreciate Goleta, you gotta realize there’s a mountain range
breathing down your neck. And it’s primo when it’s green and wet.

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Dive in…

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Back at the coast, Goleta boy Trevor Scoggins pulls up on his bike
for a late morning session. Just him and one other local out.

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The wind was picking up and bringing the bump on.

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The only other guy out was Joey Rakowski, who’s surfed this remote spot since the days
of the Taggerts and the Glasbys.

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Despite the warble and funk, Trevor found some good ones.

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Another day, same afternoon bumps.
Bobby Morris doesn’t let a little weather get between him and a wave.

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Bobby’s been surfing a lot, and it shows.

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When we get to shoot Bobby, we’ve learned to clear a whole evening for editing photos,
no matter the conditions. These are just a few.

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When we showed up, there was only one other guy out.
Chris Willingham, ripping the chop.

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So March, 2011 stumbles into history.
Cold water, unstable weather, occasional crowdiness and lots of waves.

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Bring spring.