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Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday

All right, we were skeptical, but now we know that sometimes the experts can predict a swell.
We laughed at the projected swell size, but they weren’t too far off.
This was Tuesday at sunrise, Campus Point. Not much happening.

219 600x283 1

By the afternoon, the swell had arrived, and so had the masses.

8camp 600x294 1
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473 600x279 1

There were plenty of excellent surfers to photograph.
If you see yourself, contact us and we’ll put your name on here.

1012 600x322 1
10camp 600x385 1

Ricky Hayes, right where you want to be.

1117 600x337 1
3campus 600x344 1

Goleta native, Brian Wilcoxen.

5campus 600x379 1

The lines were strong and the sets were well spaced, but there was a bit of a bump rolling through sideways. So while it wasn’t quite connecting all the way through, there were great rides to be had with some crazy drops.

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334 600x399 1
563 465x460 1
11camp 600x373 1
1312 600x388 1
12camp 330x480 1
169 600x326 1
179 600x418 1
189 600x323 1

This sequence is a beautiful wave ridden well by this guy, name unknown.

197 476x600 1
205 600x337 1
2110 600x324 1
226 600x330 1
236 600x268 1
246 600x356 1

Which brings us to the crowd factor.
While the lineup was packed, we didn’t see too many close calls and no serious accidents; remarkable, considering most Goleta surfers aren’t really used to these conditions.

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295 600x463 1
372 600x264 1
13camp 352x600 1