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High Tide Lines

January 7th, 2016

1805 713x525 1

Thursday morning brought a 6′ high tide and a healthy increase in swell size.

12138 675x430 1

Not a healthy combo for a sand deprived coastline.

13133 600x410 1
4258 676x485 1
3294 673x482 1
11172 688x445 1

Preparations had been made, but they were quickly washed away….

8185 653x464 1

….sending more trash out to sea….

9170 600x450 1
2386 668x412 1

The lawn and some of the trees struggled to hang on, as the seagulls enjoyed the show.

10146 653x423 1
5250 674x494 1

The pier took a big time beating, but only suffered minor damage.

21134 678x411 1
1995 670x504 1

Meanwhile, a beautiful day was unfolding.

2387 634x409 1
1806 646x404 1

Fleeting sun between showers brought multiple rainbows
as menacing dark clouds charged towards us.

3295 687x478 1

You don’t see this very often…

1996 667x476 1

A high tide and high surf combination can make a lot of changes to the shape of our coastline.

20a 688x358 1

And we had a front row seat.

13134 693x465 1

As we were watching the bluffs get pounded…

16107 673x451 1

A lone surfboard came bobbing past….

15115 661x439 1

Then a lone surfer came around the corner, followed by his buddy,
swimming after his lost board…..

14119 661x442 1

The boardless surfer timed it right and got on the stairs….

14a2 664x444 1

But the board was on a long and punishing journey down the coast, one ding at a time….

11173 655x468 1

Sometimes surfers get excited when they see big surf, and they rush out
without considering all the other conditions involved.

8186 659x407 1

And winter storms can make the most mellow spots hazardous, even for experienced surfers.

5251 672x501 1

As the tide dropped, the surf improved and the crowds grew.

4257 678x430 1

John Patrick Mccann scoring a clean barrel,

6200 600x406 1
7193 672x471 1
2477 667x436 1
2572 679x447 1
3062 682x423 1
3296 645x487 1
3653 681x390 1
3555 673x387 1
3366 679x383 1
4051 679x403 1
16108 600x450 1

Even remote spots were choked with masses from all points north and south.

colin32 600x414 1

But the local boys, like Colin Schildhauer, still got their share of the action.

colin3 681x475 1
simon 670x390 1

And Simon Murdoch.

kid 663x424 1

We don’t know this little chargers name, but we probably will soon…

kid1 656x498 1


22109 600x417 1
2572 676x445 1

Dirty water barrels were a dime a dozen.

26a 600x435 1
3753 700x422 1
3854 668x442 1

And set waves were as big as advertised on the interweb.

31116 660x419 1
3454 600x376 1
3954 682x433 1
4259 676x416 1

“Just don’t get any storm runoff in your mouth….”

41110 671x496 1
17103 678x454 1
tim2 672x450 1

While all this was going on, a favorite local beach was get hammered….

facebook 600x530 1

And a somewhat infamous building was being threatened.


The restrooms at Haskells were literally teetering on the edge of the Pacific.
This event was met with mixed emotions by the general public.

Beach house 1 600x450 1

But before anyone could utter the words “Coastal Commission”
heavy machinery was on the scene, building a concrete and plastic barrier.

Beach house 3 668x502 1
Beach house 5 680x356 1
b1 667x501 1

Time will tell how this plays out, but Mother Nature is pretty persuasive….
Stay tuned.

Thanks to Tim Smith, Mark Sanchez and Blake Haralson for additional photos.