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Warm Water Fun

Warm Water Fun

Warm Water Fun

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Late June, 2007.
After a flat Spring with frigid water temps hanging around a little too long, everything changed. Seemingly overnight, the ocean got warmer than usual, and wind swells started popping up at any given moment.

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No matter what bitchen swell forecast system you subscribed to, none of them could tell you where to go and when to catch the elusive wind swell. You had to actually go down to the beach and look! This helped to keep the crowds down a bit as well.

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In a two hour period, the waves could vary from waist high slop to head high off shore barrels. All you could do was paddle out and see what you get.

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This session was a beautiful, warm Saturday morning at Sands. We returned that evening to find hollow chest high barrels with toasty Santa Anas blowing straight offshore.
Who knew!

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