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40 Year Hype

40 Year Hype

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Here’s where it all started.
Hawaii gets pounded but a huge swell, the Eddie was on, and all eyes were on the Eddie.
From YouTube to the evening news, it was the hot topic.
And so, the obvious assumption; those HUGE waves are headed for us!

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All the forecasters made their predictions and the masses banked on it.
The buoys were promising great things and the buzz grew louder.
Another Big Wednesday was in the works.

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So an always skeptical Goleta Surfing had to be there at the crack of dawn.
They were calling this the biggest swell since 1969. They called it the “40 year Swell”.
We had to be there, just in case.

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This is what we saw.
We’ll check back later.

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Lunchtime. Campus Point.
Eddie probably wouldn’t bother going….

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Up at the top was a little better, but still not as good as the waves we had a
couple of weeks ago.

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Okay, so maybe Sands.

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There we found our buddy Ian Jenkins, having fun, as always.

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It looked like the swell was building. Maybe it’s coming a little late.

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So we bailed and hoped for tomorrow.

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That’s when thing got weird. The evening news was raving about the monster swell that
was hitting our beaches. The Internet was buzzing with reports of awesome waves. The
newspapers ran stories of the 40 year swell. Surfers and non surfers alike were asking
what we thought about the Big Swell.

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We heard Rincon was good, about head high, and C Street looked fun on the evening news.
Click here to see that report.
But Giant waves? Nope.
It was like the hype was so big, it didn’t even matter that the swell never materialized.

3133 600x401 2

Dawn patrol, day two.
Absolutely gorgeous sunrise; marginal surf.

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867 600x401 1

By Thursday afternoon, 12 -10-09, the biggest surf spotted in Goleta was a little overhead.
Lots of reports of clean, fun 6 ‘ to 8’ surf from Rincon, south.
Friday, the south wind hit and jumbled things up.
The Monster Swell could still be on it’s way.
Maybe Saturday……