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Scenes from the

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Goleta has a lot of nooks and crannies. That’s a good thing.
A lot of beautiful and unique locations. Some are hard to get to. Some are right under your nose.
You just have to be looking.

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And a big part of what makes it that much more special is the solitude that can still be found.
And therein lies our problem…. How do you share the joy of solitude without ruining it?

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So the way we’ve dealt with this so far is to show some pictures of the beauty of our area,
without giving away all their secrets. We don’t name crowd sensitive spots; we try to share
without exposing too much. The idea is this; we live in a beautiful place. Go see it. Go find it.
Preferably alone, or maybe one friend.

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But we aren’t going to tell you how to get there. This site is not a Ray Ford map.

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Thus the G Spot. A mysterious, sometimes hard to find location that brings intense pleasure.
Sometimes, it hits you in the face, like a sunset….

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Other times it might require getting up before dawn. Or hiking through mud and rain.
And it quite often involves poison oak…

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But when you get to that place, and you feel compelled to stop and say, Wow, look, at, that….
that’s when you’ve found it.
Your Happy Place. Your G Spot.

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