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January Heat Part 2

January Heat
Part 2

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Sunday morning was beautiful. The swell held strong and with the perfect
weather, the crowds were out in force.
Tom Adam, above, riding high on his Kane Garden Twinzer Fish.

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We chose Devereux Point and scored plenty of fun rides, with only a few cut short by
shoulder hoppers.

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Plenty of sunshine and lots of good sized waves to be had.

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A Goleta jewel.

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If you see yourself, contact us and we’ll post your name.

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Later in the afternoon, we headed out west to hopefully find some solitude
and to enjoy the warm winter sun.
On a day like this, you just had to be outside.

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By the afternoon, the lulls had grown longer and the sets
were smaller, but still good surf and perfect conditions.

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Goleta boy Dennis Shepherd, enjoying his weekend.

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This is our buddy Suri Sherman.
Suri told us he was in the water 15 hours over the weekend. And
most of that time , he had a buddy on the beach taking pictures.
Now that’s stoke. Check out Suri’s page in the Persons section of this site.

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Later, we came across these two guys with the lineup all to
themselves. Two buddies, no one else around, perfect weather
and decent waves. It really can still happen!

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IMGP4890 600x349 1

Viva Goleta

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