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Down in Mexico, when you see someone you haven’t seen in a long time, you say milagro!

Which means miracle.

On Friday evening June 6th, 2008, Goleta Surfing found something we haven’t seen for a long time,SURF!

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After months of repeated drives to assorted beach breaks, and months of getting
skunked over and over again, we finally got what we were searching for. The winds that
have been stirring things up for so long, turned offshore with a vengeance,
transforming the sloppy close outs into clean little A-frames that gave starving surfers
a chance to rekindle their dying stoke.

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Granted, it wasn’t epic, but it was more than enough to put a huge smile on every mug
in the lineup and remind us all why we spend so much time and money chasing waves.

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The good/bad thing about wind swells and beach breaks; you don’t know until go.
This guy’s being going a lot, and this night he was rewarded for his persistence.
Sean Anderson, getting his just desserts.

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Check out the wind holding up the lip.

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This is Vinnie Leonelli. He just recently started surfing and he’s charging hard. He and his
dad have been on it every evening regardless of the conditions, so they were loving this!

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Vinnie finds some shade.

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Vinnie meets the lip.

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Vinnie’s dad Paul got to have some fun too.

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Sean Anderson.

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A perfect ending to a long work week, and a long flat spell.
Hopefully the start of a long, surf filled summer.

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Saturday, June 7th, 2008.

A morning check showed nothing, but by evening, some surfable waves
began appearing again. No offshores, but still fun enough to get in.

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Long time regular, Phil, got some fun ones, as did another Goleta native,
Joe ” Captain Karma” Rakowski.

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” Captain Karma”, making friends.

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Sunday June 8th, 2008.

A morning session found semi-clean close outs at beach breaks, and
another beautiful day. The final session of a great weekend of surf.

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Casey Underwood

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Viva Goleta

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