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The Clamp Down

The Clamp Down

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What’s wrong with this picture?
A beautiful afternoon on the Gaviota Coast, with a couple of minimum wage thugs
creating an eyesore. As of a couple of days ago, these guys are working hard,
day and night to make sure nobody enjoys the natural beauty in our backyard.

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Check out the sky, how glassy the ocean looks, and how the grass is already turning
green.A beautiful scene, despite the ridiculous vehicles parked on either side of the
wandering trail. And don’t forget the nifty light, so they can keep all those pesky night
surfers out. Wow, they are on it.

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Hey, I think that’s Barney Fife!
We know, they’re just doing their jobs. Still, what a lame job.

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What the hell could you possibly do just sitting in your car for eight hours?
On second thought, we don’t want to know…..

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Here’s a nice photo by Timmy Bolton of the night shift, getting the job done.

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So, as of December 7th, these guys were gone!
According to some reliable sources, this was a legal procedure that they are following
and documenting to show that they have made efforts to deny public access. If they made
no effort to deny access for five years, then we could have a case for a public right of way
easement. They’re just making sure we can’t do that.
Them developers, they’re always thinking……….

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